Licensed and insured, our retail experience gives us the expertise to recommend total solutions that perfectly fit your needs and budget. Whether you demand access control systems, sensors, alarms, cameras or DVR, our solutions are all encompassing and let you address your problem areas in a comprehensive way. From the smallest stores to the largest retail chains, our security solution will minimize your risk and increase profitability for your business...
CCTV/Video surveillance is the fundamental building block of any good security system. . You can manage visual information from virtually any place, anytime. EBS CCTV professionals can design a solution to meet your current needs, and plan for future ones, as well.
Here are some benefits of digital technology:
  • Helps deter shoplifting and employee theft
  • Documents events so your entire business has greater protection
  • Fast and simple access to recorded events
  • May reduce maintenance costs and helps improve employee productivity
  • May help lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims
Options include the ability to burn recorded events, customize recording schedules for each camera, motion-triggered event and pre-event recording, and remote access capabilities. Many expandable system configuration options are available and can be customized to satisfy your budget.
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